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Text Box: 4 wing Picnic Shelter

· Cyclonic rated structure

· All steel is hot dipped galvanised

· All elements are structural

· Bird guard

· Unique smoke free roof line

· All structures are engineer certified

· Flat pack delivery

Our design is modular for the whole range of picnic shelters which means that each 3m x 3m section can be sold separately or part of a picnic pod. The range starts with a single shelter over the barbeque moving to eight table setting around a central barbeque area. Our designs truly cater for the Australian lifestyle and love of barbeques. The founding principles of the range of picnic shelters is that each element is structural and can withstand weather conditions universally across the Australian terrain. The sloping roof line and use of mesh ensures that there is no smoke curtain effect when barbequing. The gutter system is concealed and water catchment is directed to rainwater tanks. The rainwater tanks are colour coordinated with the roof deck and also provide some shelter from rainy and windy conditions. A simple bird guard system ensures that nesting is discouraged. The range of tables and bench seating compliments the shelters and is constructed of steel frames and perforated sheet metal for table and bench tops. A range of powder coated colours or hot dipped galvanising is offered, depending on location of the shelters. The shelters arrive in a flat pack and are easy to assemble. Construction instructions are included in the package as well as engineer’s recommendations for concrete pad design depending on soil types. 

· A specific design for the snow country offers a roof line which deflects snow, details are available on request.

· A design service is offered on request for unique requirements. All structures are certified by a structural engineer.

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Photo of Four wing picnic shelter model without roof covering