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Text Box: Steel Flat pack Footbridge

 Galvanised structural steel

 All structures are engineer certified

 Flat pack delivery or construction on site solution

We have developed two styles of footbridge. One is suitable for difficult terrain where access is a problem and the whole structure is delivered as a flat pack, parceled in 100kg lots. Our other style of footbridge is suitable where access is not a problem for crane lift of main spans.


All steel construction means that the foot bridge is not vulnerable to bush fires and quite resistant to vandalism.


The unique cross bracing systems also means that the flat pack footbridges have minimal sway and bounce. Typically tension wire bridges can suffer from this problem in high wind zones, unlike our designs which are based on a double truss system of design. The flat pack footbridge can have timber slats instead of steel gangway mesh tiles.


Available in a number of spans and widths, the flat pack footbridge is an attractive sturdy solution to provide access in environmentally sensitive and difficult to get to places. Includes on and off ramps. Minimum span 5 metres and minimum width is 1.2 metres.

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Flat pack footbridge packaged in 100kg parcels

Footbridge constructed on site from prefabricated components