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Text Box: Prefabricated sustainable energy three bedroom home

 Prefabricated 3 bedroom home

 Organic design

 Minimal footings and foundations

 Low cost living at its best

 Solar HWS, passive solar heating

 Rainwater harvesting

 Endless water recycling

 Invisible under floor heating option available

Organic shaped double storey prefabricated home which features self cleaning bathroom and self dusting option. This home is truly encapsulating sustainable energy solutions and lowers running costs through passive solar heating, one and a half minute cleaning cycles, kitchen chutes direct to compost bins, recycling water, rainwater harvesting and state of the art fire rated wall and floor materials.

The automated cleaning cycle includes electronic sequencing of opening walls, engaging 3hp blowers, closing doors, and finally auto release of safety locks into room being cleaned. All loose papers and lightweight objects need to be removed from the room prior to auto dusting.

The self cleaning bathroom feature is once again automated with the electronic lock out prior to commencing. Spray jets clean the room and a blower dries the room.

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