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Text Box: Pop top jon

· Prefabricated all steel  custom designed  compressible building

· Compressible to a total height of 1400mm

· Optional extras include water storage tank and frame, and sewerage collection bins. Air conditioning available.

· Can be configured as officer’s bedroom, radio room, office space.

· Modular design allows these to be stack side by side

· Sub floor is ISO compliant, no need for additional pallet base.

The Pop Top Jon is a portable toilet facility unlike any other. The building compresses down to a total height of 1400mm making it very economical to transport repeatedly.  Wild Terrain Design’s unique roller system and locks enabled this facility to be rapidly erected for use.  An external frame supports a water tank on the roof supplying water for toilet flushing and hand washing. Sewerage is collected in sealed tanks under the facility, and simply pulled out, capped off and changed with an empty tank. Ideal for Government departments, disaster recovery, support for troops in the field and will halve the logistic costs. Buildings stack two high for transport.

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