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Text Box: Seahorse instant APARTMENT

 Complete compact apartment

 All steel and glass construction

 Exotic, plush soft furnishings

 Customisable to suit your space

 Overall dimensions are 3700mm wide, 5434mm deep, 2400mm high

This magnificent concept allows a luxurious apartment to be installed instantly by crane and is so beautifully appointed, you will wonder why you would ever need more space. The appointments include stainless steel kitchen, laundry, dining room with 7 seats, two single fold out bed, robes and storage, settee, and separate bathroom fully lined with luxurious stainless steel. The toilet and hand basin are integrated into one unit, recycling hand water to the cistern.


All steel and glass construction, the apartment has soft furnishings that are both exotic and plush. Perfect for regions where space is at a premium, but quality cannot be sacrificed.


The Seahorse Instant Apartment can be custom designed to suit your space requirements, and because there is very little time needed to install, tenants or clients can use it almost instantly.

Can be custom modularised to suit tight access.

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