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Accommodation options

SKU/Item Number: SV

Superb seaside living in 6 star energy rated, 2 storey homes with balconies, rainwater tanks, water features and double glazed doors and windows.

Toilet facilities

Outdoor living

SKU/Item Number: HS

Compact 6 x 3 Prefabricate Portable Apartment: includes all shell construction, fit out, furniture and furnishings, lighting, electrical, plumbing. Freighted to site as one unit, this apartment is very competitively priced as well as being elegant.

SKU/Item Number: CS

This apartment is bigger than the single apartment and offers fabulous accommodation on minimal concrete pads. Elevated above the terrain and fitted together on our uniquely designed skid floor system.

SKU/Item Number: SE

Text Box: The Sedgewick is perfect for entertaining with its feature floor to ceiling folding doors which lead onto the massive deck. The floor plan offers separate master bedroom, plus sleep accommodations for a further 5 guests. Also included is a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, separate bathroom, all furniture and linen.

SKU/Item Number: HX

A combination of three modules in a u-shape creates a gorgeous internal courtyard. Offering two bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen and lounge room with multi stack sliding doors opening up on the deck. Perfect for entertaining.

SKU/Item Number: MR

The meeting room is a composite of our base 6x3 module and configured to suit any size. This room includes a large central area dedicated to meeting tables, with kitchen facilities and plan storage. Ceiling fans and air conditioning included

SKU/Item Number: SE3

A three bedroom home self cleaning bathroom, recycled water, passive solar heating all steel frame organic form solar HWS—option

SKU/Item Number: WC4

6 x 3 Toilet Block includes all facilities for a unisex toilet block or female / male toilets which are portable. The facilities include 4 toilets with floor to ceiling partition walls, colourbond exterior and miniorb internal linings.

Text Box: Prefabricated Toilet Block 4

SKU/Item Number: BH

The Bath House offers locker and ablutions facilities for mine sites. The unique features include slatted timber floors to wet areas and sheet metal in place of tiles, natural up draught feature, solar HWS and endless grey water recycling.

SKU/Item Number: PS2

Our design is modular and the Two Wing shelter consists of three 3m x 3m sections. This shelter will house a single barbeque and comes with customer designed furniture. The shelter comes as a flat pack for easy assembly.

SKU/Item Number: PS4

The modular design extends to the Four Wing shelter and is based on the 3m x 3m sections.  The shelters all come with features to minimize bird nesting and maintenance.

SKU/Item Number: HL, HLC

An organic form park bench with multi-directional views, two different seat heights, vertical and horizontal grab rails, available with or without canopy shelter

SKU/Item Number: FB, FBF

All steel footbridges, two main designs offered, one is a flat pack and easily constructed by two men and the other is prefabricated in the factory to suit, but requires a crane for construction on site. Available in 1.2, 2.0 and 2.5m widths

SKU/Item Number: WC3

This toilet facility offers 2 unisex toilets each with its own hand basin, plus one disabled toilet facility, services duct, hidden plumbing plus large eaves overhang. The roof line was designed for alpine loads and strong winds.

SKU/Item Number: WC2

The toilet facility is fully prefabricated which means that it arrives on site ready to be connected to the water system of choice. Available with rain water and grey water systems for areas without town water supply.

SKU/Item Number: WCR

Text Box: No need to build a new toilet facility, upgrade to stainless steel fit out, custom built gates for night time lock up, motion sensors with lights and services duct to protect plumbing.

SKU/Item Number: ETT

Text Box: Electronic toilet tissue dispenser using electronic sequencing
Text Box: More details...

SKU/Item Number: PTJ

Portable and compressible toilet building. Halve your transport costs.

SKU/Item Number: VCS

Zero carbon footprint building features portal frame, insulated wall panel, in-situ grey and black water treatment. Design based on the agriculture, water features and minimalist Modrian principles.

SKU/Item Number: VPO

Unique sustainable solution building, which collapses to a 1400 high max, vandal proof box. Totally self sufficient and is designed wheel chair access.  Has unique fold down verandahs for safety over windows and doors.

SKU/Item Number: MS

Sleeping pods attach to a central core which offers state of the art accommodation for scientists and technicians.

SKU/Item Number: SO

Purpose designed playground shelter, modeled on fruit and is cyclonic rated.

SKU/Item Number: SCW

Available as WC/Shower configuration. Options: Endless water recycle, solar HWS, 6 hourly clean and dry wash cycle.  Electronically sequenced, the true touchless toilet experience.