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Text Box: Prefabricated Toilet Block 2

 Prefabricated Portable Public Amenity

 Sustainable energy solutions included

 Renewable resource solutions included

 Ideal for remote sites


 Stunning, spacing sunny design

 Easy clean

 Low maintenance

 Limited site preparation

Our range of toilet facilities offers sustainable energy solutions and are costed in a very competitive way. We include an option for waterless composting systems for the two stall configuration which does not require town services. The inclusion of a rainwater tank in remote locations where town water and services are not available. The toilet facility is fully prefabricated which means that it arrives on site ready to be connected to the water system of choice. This substantially reduces delivery times as there are no inclement weather conditions on the factory floor!

All facilities are complimented with hand basins, toilet tissue dispensers, paper towel dispensers, industrial grade non slip lino floor with coving and universal access. The ceiling is pitched to one side with skylights facing north eliminating the need for lighting.


* If lighting is required we can provide a solar option with lux level sensors, catering for night time or low light usage. This feature is offered as an additional option and each project is costed separately.

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