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Text Box: Prefabricated Bath House

 Prefabricated Portable Locker & Bath house

 North facing skylight

 Low maintenance design

 Natural up draught design for ventilation to wet areas

 Solar HWS

 Slatted timber floor to wet areas

 Steel clad walls to shower area

 Endless recycling of grey water from showers available

The clean & dirty bath house featured here offers unique features which ensure comfort and safety. The inner sanctum is reserved for wet areas and is surrounded by air conditioned locker areas with traffic flows following a natural progression.

The walls and roof are insulated and abundance of skylight windows offers a constant flood of natural light.

The structure sits approximately 600mm off the terrain and is sited on concrete pads. The design is rated cyclonic, and is suitable for monsoonal weather conditions. The unique water recycling systems can utilize rain or potable water.

Floor Plan of Bath HouseElevations of Bath House

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